Minecraft is among the most popular video games on the internet with millions of daily active users playing the game daily with a lot of special things you don’t know about the game among which is to play Minecraft on Xbox or PS4/5. However, Minecraft dedicated a remote connect website allows players to link their Microsoft account to their Minecraft and play the game remotely on your consoles. is a webpage or a link to link Minecraft to Microsoft remotely. However, if not working or you are asked to go to to fix Minecraft login issue on Xbox or PS5 here is a guide for you. If that is what you are facing this article will address the not working error.

Note: You don’t have to panic when you encounter this problem in a bid to log in to your Minecraft account on Microsoft because this is a normal problem every player faced while playing the game and it has a definite solution.

What is

What is is an error message that appears when you want to log into your Minecraft game account on Microsoft consoles such as PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc since Minecraft moved to the platform.

The login not working will remain until solved.  There are different methods to fix connect not working to regain access to your Minecraft desktop remote on the cross-platform portal.

The remoteconnect don’t just swang into disrupting the process to link Microsoft account to Minecraft. Some causes constituted this. Hence, we will address the error in the next headline.

Causes of not Working

From our research, we find out that the following are the major reasons why you are unable to use the Microsoft cross-platform to link your Microfot account to your Minecraft using the Minecraft desktop remote connect.

  • Change from one console to another.
  • Corrupt Minecraft data.

These reasons are enough to keep you away from playing Minecraft or linking your Microfot account to Minecraft.

And now, we proceed to share how to fix unable to link Minecraft to Microsoft using

Change of Microsoft Console

The website offers users to cross-play Minecraft. This implies that users can play the game online and all lists of supported consoles or devices. This provides the easiest method to switch platforms to play the game.

However, when you change the device where you formally cross-play Minecraft you will likely encounter the error message.

The problem could be the login problem or a problem with how to link Microsoft to Minecraft on the new console.

So, in most cases, if you are unable to link and cross-play Minecraft on Microsoft it could mean that you recently change your cross-platform device or console.

Microsoft/Minecraft Data is Corrupt

Minecraft game files play a major role when you want to cross-play this game on your Microsoft console. So, even if it’s a pinch of your data that is corrupted you will encounter different issues and problems.

This is easy to fix though since you can check which type of data is corrupted on your device. In on PC, uninstalling and reinstalling the software could be the single fix you need to fix the problem.

If not the software or saved files that are corrupted you may need to dig deeper n fixing the error. However, the precautional measure is to back up your files regularly to void lose of that when opening the game progress map.

Other reasons for remoteconnect Minecraft desktop remote are not valid and couldn’t be referred to as the major reasons why the cross-play process cannot be accomplished.

How to Fix Error

What are the possible ways to fix this error? We will consider all the approaches to fix the inability to link Microsoft account to Minecraft in this guide.

The solution that will be discussed here are:

  • How to Fix Xbox cross-play issue
  • How to Fix Minecraft cross-play on the PS4 console.
  • How to Fix corrupted files data problem on Minecraft.
  • Fix login error

How to Fix Xbox Cross-play Problems

You can download Minecraft on your Xbox from the official portal. This is the first step to cross-play Minecraft on Xbox and links Microsoft account to Microsoft.

So, to play the game through the desktop remote connect platform you have to download and install the Minecraft game on your console (Xbox One or Xbox 360.)

Get Minecraft Remote Play Code

Firstly, you need to get the remote connect play code to fix Xbox console problem.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Take note of the cross-play code. Log in to your Microsoft account if you are prompted to do so.
  • Now, go to on a new tab.
  • Enter the cross-play code from on the Xbox Screen.
  • Log in to your Microsoft live account with the Microsoft account you want to link to your Minecraft.
  • Wait until the “Microsoft enter code” website load the Minecraft game directly to confirm that the cross-play is successful.

Now, the Minecraft desktop remote feature should be running perfectly and the problem on the screen should be cleared.

How to Fix Minecraft cross-play on the PS4 console

If you own the PS4 or PS5 console this should help you fix whatever cross-play problems that you are facing. The approach is similar to Xbox One or Xbox 360 shared above though but here is what you should put into consideration.

  • Download Minecraft and install it on your PS4 or PS5 game console. The free version may cause more problem as you would lack support from the team and Minecraft forum contributors might not offer good suggestions.


  • Open the Minecraft PS4 version on your console and you would see an option to log in to your Microsoft account to be able to link your Minecraft to your Microsoft.Log inot Microsoft on Minecraft
  • There is no need to go to as we did on Xbox One or Xbox 360 as you can easily save the code to cross-play Minecraft on your PS4 console.
  • Next, you must visit the desktop remote connect website on to validate the code and cross-play the game on your console successfully. remoteconnect

How to Fix Corrupted Files Data on Minecraft

If the login problem is caused by corrupt Minecraft data files this might be a nightmare if you don’t have a backup.

So, we will assume that you have a backup of your Minecraft data files that you can easily restore after you have deleted the data.

  • Switch on your console and go to the settings.
  • Go to System storage management.
  •  Tap on “Save data >> Media player.”
  • Open the media folder and find the corrupted data files in the folder. This should look like a zip.
  • Navigate to the options button, select it, and choose “delete” to delete the corrupted files.

Now, you have to rebuild a new file or data or upload your data backup before the data corrupted.