How to Fix Microsoft Error

Microsoft privacy and endless control over your switch make the platform more popular. For gamers, this starts from linking Microsoft account to Minecraft using down to privacy settings at for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and other consoles.

There is no point thinking about the conspiracy theory all because of the Microsoft account settings. However, we came to realized that if in the accountsettings you didn’t set select adult social when you start seeing the error redirecting you to you will likely encounter this problem most especially on Xbox One console.

However, the more reason why you got redirect to is probably that there is a new Minecraft update introduced that you needs to updated to of which you are capable of or not but want to keep all your account level.

However, you sometimes need permission to complete most tasks on Microsoft and that is why you keep gotten redirected to the particular Microsoft account setting that account setting as seen on your console screen during an update. for Xbox One and Xbox 360

If you have either the Xbox One or Xbox 360 with an error message about the whenever you want to upgrade to a new Minecraft version using the Microsoft cross-play platform here is what you need to do.

We know that Xbox One and Xbox 360 both have a lot in their privacy settings. This includes parental control to make sure your children are not exposed to uncensored contents using their Gamertag.

This setting should be monitored at all time to make sure they have not slipped to changing it to their desired settings. However, with these settings and privacy control, Microsoft wants to make sure you are always aware and on point at each update that is available to you.

However, the simplicity with Microsoft account to login with a single Microsoft account into your Minecraft such that once linked it cannot be undone is probably one of the reasons why Microsoft will always tell you to go to to make sure you stay up-to-date with your most preferred settings at all time.

How to Fix Microsoft Error

You want to think less about this as a tedious problem to combat. First move is to play around the Microsoft account settings and refresh the game at each point to see which works. That will be time-consuming and might look like it’s wasting your time. And of all the Microsoft account settings we found this to be what works.

Note: This works perfectly if you cannot play Minecraft Realms on Microsoft due to the account settings.

  • Setup your Xbox console as if you are ready¬†for a play without opening the Minecraft Realms.
  • Press the “home button” on the connected Xbox controller (wireless or cabled controller.)
  • Navigate to your Xbox console settings to the top right and select it.
  • Select “Privacy¬†and online settings” under “Account.”
  • Click on “Xbox Live Privacy” in the privacy settings.
  • Check the settings and make sure it is set to “Adult social.” If not, choose the options and save changes.
  • Now, open the Minecraft Realms, the error message that is asking you to change your Minecraft settings and learn more at should be cleared.

Once this works, you then need to go to the custom settings and re-configure it. Meanwhile, as you change it, also try the game to spot the error source. Once spotted make the necessary changes and save the settings.

How to Enable Minecraft Realms

After the above settings, you should be able to enable and play Minecraft Realms version on your Microsoft consoles which include Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS3/4/5.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Log into your Microsoft Live account that is linked to your Minecraft game.
  • Click on your Microsoft profile to the top-right.
  • Click on Click One/Windows 10 online and check to Allow to join multiple online players.
  • Click on “Communication” to choose the preferred settings.
  • Click on the “Save” button.

Now, close the privacy settings and open the Minecraft Realms game version to enjoy and join other gamers online with their Gamertags.

Hint: Since Windows 10 and Switch have the same Minecraft version the above suggestions such fix the problem you are facing regarding the problem.